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Standard Mediation

The Standard Mediation process has an 87% success rate and is the recommended process to resolve any and all issues.  In the Standard mediation process, I bring the parties together to find common ground and facilitate discussion and communication to allow the parties to resolve cases themselves.  

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Workers' Compensation Mediation

With 23 years experience in handling workers’ compensation cases for both injuried workers and employer/insurers, I bring a comprehensive level of expertise in helping mediate all workers’ compensation issues.

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Standard Arbitration

Arbitration has definite advantages over taking a case before a Judge and/or Jury.  Court cases can take months and sometimes years to reach an actual trial, and then the losing party can file an appeal taking even more months or years to reach a final conclusion.  

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Court Television Style Arbitration (Judge Bob)

South Georgia Private Justice System also offers a type of limited time arbitration similar to many popular Citizen court type TV cases seen on many television stations throughout the nation.

With this type arbitration, the parties can complete a one page form explaining the issue and brief facts.  The parties are then each given 30 minutes to present and additional evidence or facts in a court like setting before the arbitrator/judge.

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Domestic Mediation/Arbitration of all Family Law Issues

Advantage:   Mediation saves thousands of dollars in litigation and attorney fees.

Most issues of divorce are difficult to resolve because the parties stop communicating.  With mediation, I bring the parties together, find common ground in those issues which are not in dispute, and build on the premise that both parties want a quick and affordable resolution to these issues.  

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Med / Arb

Many cases do not fit comfortably in a standard mediation or arbitration type process.  

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Solving legal conflicts with limited lawyer involvement

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